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The Source of Lightning

The Source of Lightning - Donna K. Fitch The Source of Lightning is written by an independent writer. I tend to drift towards indie writers more and more, probably because I am one myself. But that aside.

The start of this book is surprising. It’s a steampunk book but starts out feeling like a western. This changes quickly, and before you know it you are immersed in aether, airships, father-son difficulties and all kinds of relational problems. The main characters are thrown in deep and sometimes boiling water by Donna K. Fitch, and it is up to them to find their way out of it. Their attempts are of course hindered by people who are out for power. These people don’t use the nicest of methods to get to their goal, and the place where the final confrontation is played out is an amazing space where the beginning of the book never pointed to. If you like complex characters and a good steampunk read, the Source of Lightning is definitely for you.