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The Sable City (Norothian Cycle, #1)

The Sable City (Norothian Cycle, #1) - M. Edward McNally The Sable City was a very good read. Very good indeed. Mr. McNally introduced me to a wonderful world with a wide variety of aspects, people, cultures and terrains. We meet a Guilder called Tilda Lanai who sets out on a journey with a Captain of the House Deskata. They need to find someone, and as should be expected, finding this person is not the easiest of tasks.

Encountering many colourful (and also less colourful but nonetheless entertaining) characters and people, we learn the secret behind, and the dangers of the Sable City, and we see many questions answered, during which also beautiful and interesting relationships emerge and intriguing truths are told.

Mr. McNally presents, with The Sable City, an interesting mix of fantasy and known (Earthly) aspects, which is definitely worth reading. There are two more books in this series called "the Norothian Cycle", Death of a Kingdom, as well as The Wind from Miilark, both of which I am definitely going to buy and read.