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Hammered: The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book Three

Hammered - Kevin Hearne Maybe I read this book too soon after the first two, which I both appreciated very much. I decided to stop reading it.

The start of "Hammered" was fun, but at a certain point I (for me) had the feeling that Mr. Hearne took things a bit too far. Avoiding the reason why I stopped is because I want to avoid spoilers. Spoilers are bad, because there are people who will still want to read the book.

I may pick it up again at a point in the future.

Positive on Hammered is that Mr. Hearne continues his quick-paced and easy to read writing style, and the ease with which he gives more colour to the characters. Well, perhaps not to the vampires, but that's their natural state, so I can't keep Mr. Hearne accountable for that. ;-)